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Rejuvenate and Repair Set

Australian Skincare
Rejuvenate and Repair Set.

This set is a cream based blend. Cream based skincare is suited for sensitive or dry skin. Cream based products assist with retaining hydration and reducing aging. This set will help your skin become more hydrated and reduce acne scaring or fine lines or wrinkles.

Rejuvenate and Repair Set Includes:

Facial Cleansing Cream

Perfect Toning Mist

Hydrating Moisturiser

Britening 'C' Serum

Eye Cream

Jade Roller

Retinol Serum

Choice of ONE serum: Vitamin C OR Hyaluronic Acid


Organic, Vegan & Cruelty Free

Made in Australia


NO: Sulphates or Parabens

For a full list of our ingredients, please go to the Ingredients Glossary.

Australian Skincare
Rejuvenate and Repair Set.