Brush Guide


TSOK & CO makeup brushes are cleverly hand crafted using a copper ferrule and birchwood handle painted with a high glaze paint. The fibre used for the brush is made with a top quality man made material that simulates the soft touch of a high end natural hair.  The brush is then crimped with the ferrule into the handle tightly, which prevents fall out (loose hair),  that a lot of brushes tend to have when they are only glued.  Tsok brushes are designed to last, and always deliver the best application every time.  The synthetic brush works as an anti-bacterial easy cleaning tool that doesn’t clog up and absorb makeup which makes it easy to use between different colours. It’s important to follow the correct care guidelines. 

Cleaning Instructions:

TSOK & CO makeup brushes should be cleaned regularly in order to keep them in top condition as well as to avoid the spreading of bacteria to your face. Although our unique blend of man-made fibres are designed to be more hygienic (and therefore store less bacteria) than natural animal hair brushes, regular cleaning and care is still important. Makeup brushes should be cleaned 1-4 times a month to remove colour and old product from the fibres. You can clean your brushes by using brush cleaning spray, but for the best results, a specially designed makeup brush cleaner, a gentle foaming cleanser, mild shampoo or for that hard to get to foundation brush a mild dishwashing liquid helps to dissolve the oils and bacteria.

  1. First wet the bristles thoroughly with water.

  2. Add a small amount of foaming cleanser to your hand, and rub the bristle gently in your cupped hand.

  3. Then rinse the brush thoroughly with warm water.

  4. Squeeze out the bristles with your fingers to remove excess water,

  5. Then squeeze bristles gently with a clean towel.

  6. Dry and shine the ferrule and handle with a clean dry towel.

  7. Lay on a clean towel to dry fully before using again.

Pro Tips:

  • Do not submerge in water to clean – instead, hold the brush end under water and use foaming cleanser and rinse well. Do not leave brushes sitting on a sink where water can seep and damage the brush.

  • Do not use harsh chemicals.

  • Towel dry brushes until only damp after washing, then leave to dry naturally whilst laying slightly angled with the handle raised to prevent water seeping up the handle. roll up a hand towel for height.

  • Store dry brushes flat or in a cup holder. Specially designed makeup brush pouches are the best place to store your brushes.

  • Store your brushes separately from makeup – stray liquid or powder makeup in your cosmetics bag can damage the brushes and cause them to deteriorate as well as breed bacteria.

  • Brushes for cream and liquid products should be cleaned more regularly for sanitary reasons.

  • You can also use brush cleaning spray for that quick clean. For best results spray onto a clean towel and roll over the brush, repeating if needed.