Summer Hairstyle Hair Tips

Top 5 Healthy Summer Hair Tips

See our top 5 healthy summer hair tips to keep those split ends at bay.

Summer is the season of sun, surf and sand. From backyard BBQ's by the pool to crashing waves and sand in your feet, it can be challenging to keep your hair, when exposed to sun and salt air, from becoming dry, brittle and frizzy... Ewww.

How to keep your hair healthy in summer

1. Coconut Treatments

Grab a light and creamy hydrating cream with coconut and other oils to add extra hydration and moisture to your hair. Summer is the season for lots of beach days and pool sessions which can leave your strands dry and brittle. So, adding in a leave-in treatment after every wash or when your hair needs it is essential. The TSOK Hydrating Hair Cream works wonders to protect your hair BEFORE you jump in the water or even for everyday use. If your hair is blonde, the Hydrating Cream will protect your strands from the chlorine and reduce the risk of getting that green tinge. Lifesaver!!!

2. Wash Less Often

All that swimming can lead to extra hair washing which may weaken or fracture your hair and using shampoo too many times can strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils. Try to avoid extra hair washing by using the TSOK Hydrating Hair Cream before you swim to lock in moisture and act as a protective layer over your strands, giving your hair a rinse with only water afterwards.

3. Use a Hair Mist

Grab a hydrating mist to quickly spritz over your hair during the week and add in extra moisture when needed. The TSOK Ocean Mist Spray is infused with coconut oil to support soft healthy and manageable hair. It also doubles as a great heat protecting hair mist for your hot tool styling.

4. Avoid Heat Styling

Pack those hot tools away and try the el'naturale look for the warmer months. Who wants to sweat while styling their hair anyway right? Keep it cool with funky braids, messy buns, or even better, avoid hair breakage and ditch the hair bands by styling with hair claw clips like the TSOK Halo Hair Clip.

5. Cover Your Hair

Last but definitely not least, be SPF+ savvy and keep those locks tucked away under a large floppy straw hat. 

 Summer hair styling tips

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