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Skincare Tips for Mature Skin

One of the most common set of concerns we try to tackle with a daily skincare regimen are the signs of ageing. As we mature, so does our skin. Luckily, there are certain steps we can follow using natural and clean skincare to address the concerns of ageing skin. In this blog post, we cover what mature skin is, tips for managing your skin and why TSOK & CO have the only skincare products you need for your daily routine.


What is mature skin?

Mature skin refers to the appearance of our faces and bodies as we age. Past our mid 20's, collagen production in our bodies depletes rapidly. Collagen is responsible for the youthful elasticity of the skin on our faces. A reduced collagen production leads to more fine lines and wrinkles as we get older, as well as other common signs of ageing. Having a strict and effective skincare routine, and using clean products from an early age, helps to limit and rectify the appearance of ageing and mature skin.


Tips to rectify mature skin concerns

Effective and natural skincare can really do wonders. No matter your age, there are steps and tips you can follow to rectify or prevent mature skin concerns. We have provided a few of them below:


Use retinol regularly

Incorporating a retinol product into your skincare routine is one of the most effective ways to target signs of ageing. Retinoids are powerful, active ingredients that are used to address a range of skin concerns. Using a retinol product like the TSOK & CO Retinol Serum assists in tackling the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to give you a more even and youthful complexion.


Sleep with a silk pillow

One of the main causes of wrinkles and fine lines is abrasion to our skin. The delicate skin on our face, like the eye area, can be pulled and tugged by the material on our bed pillows. This makes premature wrinkles and crow's feet more likely. It is recommended to use a silk pillow that is far more gentle on our skins, and effective in reducing the appearance of ageing. Our Peaceful Sleeper Set provides you with all the tools for a restful night's sleep that will have you waking up looking 10 years younger.


Use hydrating serums

Many mature skins tend to be dry and have the tendency to look dull. A glowing and fuller complexion can easily be achieved by using a hydrating serum daily. Serums are high concentrations of ingredients that target specific concerns. The TSOK & CO. Hyaluronic Acid Serum helps to keep your skin looking plumped and hydrated all year round.


Include an eye cream in your routine

The delicate eye area is one of the first places signs of ageing appear. This is because the skin is so thin and, therefore, much more prone to wrinkle. Using an effective eye cream is vital for avoiding and rectifying crow's feet around the eyes. Our Eye Gel is lightweight and deeply moisturises and hydrates tired eyes. We pack our formula with anti-ageing products like Seabuckthorn Oil.


Add vitmain c to your regimen

Vitamin C is incredibly effective at tackling hyperpigmentation concerns. So if your mature skin is feeling the effects of sun damage from your younger days, this ingredient is going to be your new best friend. The TSOK & CO Vitamin C Serum works to even out your skin tone and promotes collagen production in mature skins.


Use skincare tools

Sometimes a good massage or using skincare tools can help with reducing the appearance of ageing on mature skins. Using a jade roller or a gua sha tool to massage your face daily helps to draw blood to the face. This promotes repair and collagen production and helps to add more definition to your face. Use our set of Skincare Tools daily to encourage cell turnover and promote ultimate relaxation.


Wear SPF daily

Using SPF or sunscreen every day is vital for preventing the signs of ageing. Sun damage is the number one culprit for causing the signs of premature age. Make sure to wear an SPF 50 on your face whenever going outside, even on cloudy days.
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