HOW TO: Define Brows

HOW TO: Define Brows

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Today, we are chatting brows and how to make them snatched, fierce, on fleek, carved out…okay, you get the point!!

But seriously, shaping and defining my brows is no doubt one of my absolute favourite parts of doing my entire makeup look. Gals and guys, do not skip doing your brows. Filling in brows is an easy way to frame your face and provides definition, which is a must for even the most natural of makeup looks. A fuller bushier and more defined brow is definitely on trend at the moment. Filling in those hairs can provide a polished and put together look, making your eyes pop.


Firstly, let’s start with the shape of your brows. I’m a firm believer in leaving the shape of your brows to the professionals. Seeing a brow specialist can help you get the perfect brow shape for your face Don’t get me wrong, keep your brows tidy between appointments, but don’t over pluck or tweeze your brows either!! I have my brows threaded and can not recommend this enough as it has provided me with a perfect shape to suit my face and gives me a great shape to work with, making filling them in that much easier. There is no one shape fits all when it comes to brows. Where your brows begin and end and the arch is all dependent on your individual face shape.


I generally will do my brows using the Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil if I’m running low on time and just want to quickly tame brow hairs and add some definition to my face.

If I have more time up my sleeve and want to really define and carve out my brows I will go in with a brow pomade and my TSOK Eye Line Spooly brush. This brush is fantastic as it is a 2-in-1 which has a spooly to brush hairs and the opposite end an angled brush tip, which applies product with precision and ease.

Here’s a quick step by step guide to defining those brows. Also click on the video tutorial below to see this in action:

1. Once you have your perfect brow shape (or your working towards it. I know my brow journey has been a long one), brush your hairs up using the spooly end of your TSOK brush. I like to brush the inner part of my brow hairs up and then brush the outer hairs in the direction of the brow shape.

2. Using light upward strokes begin to focus the product on the outer of the brow. Also run product along the bottom of the brow to really get that shape nailed. Continue to brush the product through your brow hairs as you go.

3. Lightly put some product through the inner of the brows. You really don’t want to focus much product here as less product will ensure a more natural look. A boxed in brow shape will also be avoided with this approach. Again, brush through the product as you go.

4. Fill in any gaps and continue this process until you are happy….continue to blend and brush through the product.

5. If you really want to define your brows even more, take your favourite concealer and the TSOK Direct Pigment Brush (I use this one as the smaller brush head allows for greater precision). Use the concealer to hide any strays hairs and further create the desired shape or fix any mistakes.

6. Seal your brows with a brow gel. I have been using the Poni Cosmetics Clear Brow Gel, which is very easy to work with and sets brow hairs down all day.

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