HOW TO: Cream Contour

HOW TO: Cream Contour

I know some people may be completely afraid of contouring, without even bringing cream products into the equation. But once you learn how easy it can be, you’ll never look back. Cream products have really grown on me lately, because a) it’ easier to apply than powder and b) it’s easier to fix if you make a mistake. Win!


Cream Contour Product

Tsok 11:11 Contour Brush

For contour I can not stop picking up the newly released Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand. The formula of this bad boy is beautiful, creamy and blends out to perfection, providing a serious golden glow to the contours of the face. The packaging of this cream contour is also fantastic as it is easy to control the amount of product you apply.


Using the sponge applicator I like to apply stripes in the areas where I am going to contour. I don’t go in too heavy handed as you can easily build if you want a deeper contour shade or for more product to be applied.

Depending on the formula of the cream product, it can be easier to apply as you go. This will prevent the product from drying, making it more difficult to buff and blend out seamlessly. Alternatively work fast to blend, blend and blend some more.

Once you have applied onto the face, grab your trusty Contour Brush and work to blend. Blend the product in the one direction to ensure the application isn’t streaky or removes any of your makeup base. You can be gentle with your blending as this product formula blends so smoothly and beautifully, no extreme rubbing is necessary.

What we love is the shape of the Tsok Contour Brush as it is perfect for applying contour (and highlight) and the shape of the brush just makes it oh so easy! The size and shape of the brush, and the type of bristles means it doubles as a great applicator of cream and powder products and no doubt delivers a flawless look time and time again. The brushes are also so easy to clean (make sure to check out the blog on tips and tricks for cleaning your makeup brushes).

As you can see the contour wand/brush combo evens out the product with absolute perfection, providing a seriously stunning glow that will be perfect heading into those warmer months in Australia. A dewy, glamorous and more natural glow is very on trend at the moment and this product duo delivers on that.

Quick Facts:

  1. Use a matte contour shade – a very shimmery shade will not provide the desired look where contour is concerned. However, you can definitely sweep a bronze shimmer over contour for that added bit of glamour;
  2. Sweep the contour in the one direction with your brush;
  3. Follow the Hollows! Get that contour in the hollows of your cheeks, do the fish face to accentuate and make the application process easier.
  4. Apply a small amount, you can build on this. It is much easier to build then to remove excess product.
  5. Don’t forget to use your trusty contour brush to complete this look.
  6. Don’t be afraid – go for it and remember practice makes perfect

TSOK makeup brushes are Australian designed and owned. These professional quality makeup brushes make flawless makeup application simple and easy. Visit to see the full range of makeup brushes.

*This article was guest written by Victoria from Victoria’s Beauty Edit.

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