HOW TO: Clean your TSOK Brushes

HOW TO: Clean your TSOK Brushes

Wanna know why your makeup collection won’t be complete without adding some of these brushes and how to keep your beautiful brushes in tip top shape….keep reading!


We know there are a few makeup brushes on the market (okay maybe hundreds), and you’re thinking, why these brushes. There’s more than just the brand on the handle to take into consideration, the materials used to create makeup brushes are super important.

Generally in life, you really do get what you pay for and there is no substitute for beautiful soft and fab quality makeup brushes that are long-lasting. The Tsok range delivers just this.

The Tsok makeup brushes are synthetic and made from of a unique blend of man-made fibers. These fibers are designed to be more hygienic than natural animal hair brushes as they store less bacteria. This doesn’t mean they don’t require your love, they still need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

What are synthetic makeup brushes?  

Synthetic brushes are just that…made of synthetic man made materials that are set to mimic the soft touch of high end natural hair. Whilst synthetic, a higher end brush will be silky soft ensuring they glide over your face when applying makeup.

Synthetic tools are the animal-free option. This makes them the perfect match for animal rights advocates, anyone with allergies to animal hairs or sensitive skin.

Synthetic brushes don’t seem to trap or absorb as much makeup between the bristles as natural brushes. This means three great things:

  1. You use less product (Yass!! No wastage!!);
  2. Less Product building up, less bacteria, your skin staying clear and healthy; and
  3. Synthetic brushes tend to be flatter and smoother which means they are perfect for creating the most precise winged liner or cut crease.

I’m going to throw in just a FEW more. The synthetic fibers are ideal for liquid or cream products, such as foundation and concealer because makeup doesn’t get as trapped, helping to distribute product evenly. Even if you are a beginner in the makeup department, with the Tsok brushes in your artillery, you will be nailing your makeup looks in no time.

In particular, the Tsok eye shadow brushes mimic natural hair with the bonus of being oh so soft. This makes them perfection for applying direct pigment shadows, cream or glittered shadows.

Also important to note, the Tsok makeup brush fibers are not glued. You will find lower end brands will glue hair fibers. This essentially means the hairs will end up on your face (known as shedding), not in your brush and let’s face it….nobody has time for that. Lower end synthetic brushes can also tend to stiffen over time and be quite scratchy, so watch out!

 How to Clean your Makeup Brushes

When you invest in a worthy set of brushes, it’s so important to keep them looking like the day you bought them. Make sure your brush collection goes the distance with regular cleaning.

Cleaning your makeup brushes at least once a week (okay, you can push it out to once a fortnight, but no longer) is key to keeping your skin clear and healthy and ensuring your makeup brushes last you years to come. Makeup and bacteria will build up over time, so cleaning your brushes is key to keep them sparkling. I know it’s an annoying job, but with a gentle foaming cleanser or baby/mild shampoo, it can be done so easily…and quickly (bonus for busy gals on the go!).


  • A sink or a cup of water
  • A clean and dry towel
  • Your dirty brushes
  • Makeup brush cleaner of your choosing (I used Dr Bronners Castile Soap in this blog)

Now that you know what you need, click on the short video below to see how to keep your beautiful Tsok brushes squeaky clean.


  • Allow brushes to air dry, ideally overnight, in an open area, preferably on a clean surface (like a clean/dry towel);
  • Do not fully submerge the brushes into water. Put the tip of the brush into the water and then apply the foaming cleanser. Work the cleanser into the bristles with your fingers;
  • Don’t postpone cleaning – it will only make it harder to remove makeup and stains;
  • Do not use harsh chemicals; and
  • Store makeup brushes away from your makeup products. Stray liquid or powder can deteriorate brushes quicker and can breed bacteria.


TSOK makeup brushes are Australian designed and owned. These professional quality makeup brushes make flawless makeup application simple and easy. Visit to see the full range of makeup brushes.

*This article was guest written by Victoria from Victoria’s Beauty Edit.

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