Katerina Tsokelenis

Professional Hair & Makeup Artist


Business Owner and Director, Katerina Tsokelenis has more than 30 years experience in the Hair and Beauty industry. Katerina built a very successful Hair and Beauty Salon in April 2000 that she had for 17 years. In the year 2016 she designed her very own professional makeup brushes creating the Tsok Cosmetics range. Katerina is now focusing her passion in Bridal/Formal Hair Styling and Makeup for all occasions, freelancing and working from her boutique Home Salon in Brisbane.

” I feel blessed to work in the industry that I absolutely love.  It is a journey that is always changing and keeps me excited…. love you all for the support over these amazing years, and can’t wait to meet up again”

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About Me

For as long as I can remember, makeup application and beauty trends have been some my biggest passions. And while, makeup itself may not have changed all that much over the last thirty years, the way that we’re applying it certainly has. Driven by the rise (and rise) of beauty bloggers on social media sites such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, professional makeup application techniques are now shared with the world. These once closely guarded secrets are now discussed, trialed and perfected by everyday women (and men) in ordinary bathrooms across the globe. Which is as it should be. Makeup application is a shared ritual, one that evolves and changes with trends, product and social tastes. Think about it, from ancient times, we’ve painted and primped – sometimes for hygiene, but often times to meet society’s exacting expectations of beauty. One of my favourite examples of this is the ancient Egyptians, who used Kohl around their eyes in order to prevent eye infections and damage to their eyes from the glare of the Nile River. Imagine their surprise when this utilitarian application of Kohl also made them look powerful, beautiful and was thought to ward off the “evil eye!” BONUS!! So while makeup tips, tricks and techniques come and go, what hasn’t changed is the need for good quality tools.

The Perfect Makeup Brushes make Flawless Makeup Simple

I am incredibly fussy when it comes to the makeup application tools I use. Like the tools from other professions, a makeup brush should feel good in the hand. It should be well weighted. Its bristles should be soft and gentle on the skin, but firm enough to allow precision blending, lines and contours. And most importantly, it should deliver consistent results, even coverage and minimise product wastage. I don’t believe there should be a difference in products for professional makeup artists and amateurs. Everyone should have access to makeup brushes that achieve flawless results at reasonable prices. And when I couldn’t find them, I set out to create them. The perfect range of brushes for makeup beginners, everyday users, makeup lovers, and professional makeup artists alike. And so, TSÓK Cosmetics Makeup Brushes were born. It’s been one hell of a ride with plenty of learning along the way! My end goal is to rule the world with my brushes. But for now, they are particularly selected, refined and designed to suit all levels of user – whether you’re an amateur or a professional when it comes to makeup products. Having worked in the makeup industry for over thirty years, I’ve created these brushes with YOU in mind, listening to your concerns and feedback along the way.


Diploma professional cosmetician


diploma advanced makeup artist


diploma beauty therapist


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